Toll Management System

Metro Infrasys offers a combination of technologies and techniques to help you centrally manage toll operations using a single integrated solution and above all enhance road safety for a better expressway experience in its advance tolling system.

The system tolling includes basic toll collection system, semi-automatic toll collection system and automatic toll collection system, with each system being customizable to your needs. Our toll management system also gathers data on traffic volumes, vehicle classifications, vehicle speeds, the collected fares and sends you detailed reports.

Metro Infrasys provides the transport system of all necessary capabilities required for all forthcoming applications like incident management, vehicle speed tracking system, segregation of vehicles and travel demand management making it one of the best transport systems in India. All competencies available for access at one single place makes the toll management system an integrated and viable solution.

Why Metro's TMS

Eliminate Fraud & Maximize Revenue
Eliminate fraud and maximize revenue

Making every ongoing road action auditable, toll management system reduces the probability of frauds resulting in higher Revenue collections. Our TMS system intelligently maps any notorious incidents and has zero tolerance for Violations & Run through.

Laser and IR Based Automatic Vehicle Classification System
Improved vehicle classification

Our Automatic Vehicle Classification Systems (AVCS) simplifies the most complex vehicle classification requirements, from around the world using its fastest response time.It has been perfected through decades of processing millions of vehicles.

Enable Faster Processing
Enable faster processing

Our Advanced Electronic Toll collection System is tested through generic payment standards and includes RFID, Bar Coding, online payment & Digital payment Processing etc. Our users enjoy a safer, secure and a faster payment experience.

Eliminate Fraud & Maximize Revenue
Round the clock Server & System Maintenance

Our smart toll management system is backed up with a strong risk management tool which allows toll booth automation i.e. automatically diagnosis any system or server errors further intimating the maintenance/risk team in time.

Easy Management Dashboard
Easy management dashboard

Creating, mapping or downloading reports using our flexible dashboard through its simple functionality makes it one of the best transportation management system. Monitor real time data with Graphical analytical reports and tracking of any incident or frauds by getting instant alerts on your phones, tablets or laptops.

Miag - Amdac Pro
App Based Reporting System

Amdac Pro is an Android Application for handling Toll plaza operations and its Hardware or Software issue arises.

MiAG Pro offers on the go performance analysis related to Traffic, Revenue, top-Bottom, Non-Revenue and AVC Accuracy.